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Without prejudice to what is established in the final offer, which also reports the economic values of the same,

Art. 1) SALES DENOMINATION: Each proposal is accepted by Chemical Empowering in compliance with all subsequent general conditions of sale, none excluded. Any condition entered by the buyer on the order, in contrast to the general conditions of sale of Chemical Empowering, is considered invalid. Any condition verbally agreed has no value unless Chemical Empowering writing confirmation.

Art. 2) SUPPLY CONTRACT: the contract is concluded only when Chemical Empowering sends the order confirmation to the buyer. Acceptance of the offer must in any case result from a written document. Any verbal or written commitment by the supplier’s agents is not valid without express written confirmation of Chemical Empowering itself. Unless otherwise agreed, any costs for the transcription of the contract, if required, are borne by the buyer.

Art. 3) DELIVERY: Delivery times are always approximate and are never binding. In the event of outages, difficulties in the procurement of raw materials, breakdowns in the workshops used by Chemical Empowering, adverse weather conditions, pandemics and in any other case of force majeure, these terms are extended in proportion to the continuation of these events. Delivery terms start from the day on which the contract is finalized in all aspects, also formal, including the sending of the advance payments. Any suspension or delay caused by the buyer, even if it is of very short duration, is a reason for forfeiture of delivery terms. In this case, delivery will take place within the terms that will be re-established by the parties compatibly with the requirements of the Chemical Empowering production. The delay in deliveries does not allow the buyer to cancel the order or claim compensation, for any reason.

Art. 4) PRICE: Unless otherwise agreed, the price is intended for goods delivered ex-assembly workshop of Chemical Empowering, excluding costs of packaging, loading, transport, customs, unloading, installation. If in the period between the date of confirmation of the proposal by Chemical Empowering and the delivery of the goods, should occur changes in costs and currency, Chemical Empowering will have the right to revise the price according to the regulations in force.

Art. 5) PAYMENT CONDITIONS: Unless otherwise agreed, payments must be made in cash, net of a discount, directly to the Chemical Empowering accounts, in the terms indicated in the order confirmation. In case of late payment, the buyer will have to pay interest on arrears equal to the current Euribor rate + 2%. The payment of the individual installments cannot be deferred for any reason or for any exception. In particular, any disputes regarding the supply do not authorize the client to delay payments beyond the agreed terms, which are considered peremptory and essential. In the event of payment by installments, the non-payment of two installments, even if not consecutive, the contract must be considered terminated by law for default.

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