Hospital waste inertization system

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The plant, module of BIOZIMMI system, is designed specifically for the treatment of medical and / or hospital waste and has been designed to offer maximum production capacity thanks to a high level of automation.

The treatment of medical and / or hospital waste is regulated by extremely strict legislation. This requires that the waste at the end of processing, given its dangerous and / or potentially infectious nature, must be sterilized and disposed of.

For Chemical Empowering this is not enough as there is no sterilization system able to compete with the guaranteed inertization thanks to the temperatures of thousands of degrees released inside a plasma chamber: only using a plasma torch is there the mathematical certainty to eliminate any risk of pathogens spillage and, therefore, to be able to offer a total relief of responsibility for the operators involved.

Medical and / or hospital waste must be definitively inerted and, to date, the most economically sustainable and safer system, both for operators and for the environment and which, at the same time, ensures their definitive inertization and also allows recovery of parts of the elements that form them in the form of energy or chemicals is represented by plasma treatment.

Through the system developed by Chemical Empowering, the sanitary and / or hospital waste, at infectious and / or dangerous risk, is pre-treated in a vacuum environment by shredding and, once deprived of any liquids present, moved through hermetic augers, until to the grinding and placing first in the storage container and then in the real plasma chamber.

The ambient air in depression, as well as all liquids contained in the shredded medical and / or hospital waste, are introduced into the plasma torch without the possibility of leaks or spills.

From the torch, on the other hand, only lava that can be molded into objects of common use, and syngas with a very high level of purity will come out.

This system is not "cold", avoid incinerators and applies plasma technology for the final inertization of waste, thus also skipping the possible step of creating RDFs because they will be the syngas released by the organic component of medical waste and / or hospital to be subsequently and possibly used in the endothermic engine to produce electricity.

The syngas obtained from the treatment and introduced into the endothermic engines or into a turbine is, in its own right, to be considered a green energy as it derives from the synthesis of the syngas obtained from the treatment of organic waste using a plasma torch.

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