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The whole system is controlled by a specially programmed PLC to minimize the need for human action. This will manage the timings, sensors and solenoid valves present. An APP allows remote control according to the dictates of industry 4.0.

Through a solenoid valve, the whey, the milk serum and the washing water are in turn aspirated through a pump after passing through a membrane filter which has the purpose of retaining the coarser impurities.

The processing within the EMPOWERING DEVICE for all three different matrices will take place through 2 distinct cycles: the first aimed at recovering the food molecules that can be sold while the second will purify the waters.

Once subjected to cavitation at low rpm, in order not to ruin the precious protein molecules and animal fats contained, the waters flow into a tank equipped with a weir where an automatic system will push the centrifuge cream into a refrigerated container that will go emptied from time to time, while the waters will be returned to the loop.

At the end of this first cycle, the same waters will be subjected to more intense cavitation to reduce polluting agents.

According to the customer’s needs, the water can be brought to different purity levels:

  • ready to be thrown into the sewer;
  • suitable for reuse as washing water;
  • adequate to be used for watering;
  • drinkable.

The centrifuge cream obtained is a whey cream, which, as it is, can be sold, used to make butter or added to the cream.

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