Agricoltural empowering

Our technologies are perfectly integrated within the agri-food chain.


Water purification

Our treatment plant can take care of any agricultural liquid waste. Based on cavitation, it will work faster than traditional systems, will be extremely compact and will consume a small amount of energy.



Whey and washing water for dairies

We are able to enhance the proteins still present in the milk whey and also in the washing waters of the dairies.

Furthermore, the liquids, after being subjected to cavitation, will lose their polluting charge.

Therefore, from waste to be paid for their conferral, both the whey and the washing water, deprived of the proteins that will be sold on the market as a food or pharmaceutical additive, become water that can be used for watering or to be put into the sewer.



Biogas and Biomethane upgrade

We are able to supply, turnkey, a complete Biogas plant that works at least 5 times faster than traditional plants, extremely compact, capable of producing Biomethane and which does not release microbes into the digestate.




We valorise the organic production waste by transforming them into electricity and heat through gasification; an excellent system for disposing of, for example, poultry manure.
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