Zero emissions target

Many manufacturers claim that they will not have emissions from their plants, few really are able to keep the point. With our technology that combines plasma torches, gasifiers, cavitators and advanced gas management systems, every molecule that escapes from the process represents a loss of profit. Applying the transitive property, therefore, a damage to the planet is equivalent to an economic damage caused to our customer.

Therefore, even beyond any ecological sensitivity we may have, we cannot allow any emissions into atmosphere because gas leaks would not allow us to maintain the contractual performance levels.

Even the same carbon dioxide produced, once "cleaned" and made food grade, is sealed to be sold to the vast market of beverage producers.

With regard to the liquid component, everything whose level of pollution cannot be reduced by using our cavitator will be directly sent to the plasma torch to be inerted.

With regard to the solid component, the ash produced during the gasification and the lava produced with the plasma torch are completely different from the waste products with incineration: in both cases, they are not any more a waste to be conferred to landfill but a new raw material useful for a new process. The ash will be analyzed on a sample basis and continuously to verify its effective inerting; if the parameters are not adequate, the batch in question would be sent to the plasma torch to be transformed into vitrified lava.

It is a well-known and incontrovertible fact that vitrified lava leaking from any plasma torch does not leaks anything, even less than glass, and it was precisely this fact that pushed French legislators to authorize the asbestos supply chain to be interrupted only in cases of plasma treatment.

In the presence of biodigestors, the compost deprived by the bacterial loads thanks to the passage in our cavitator, after an adequate period of stoppage in the open air also necessary for the natural evaporation of excess nitrogen, becomes one of the agricultural fertilizers par excellence.

Metals and glass will instead be isolated and sent to the appropriate external industries for a complete recovery as raw materials.

As for the emissions into the atmosphere, the reducing environments do not allow the formation of nitrogen oxides (NOx) but simply of N2 which cannot be considered an emission since nitrogen in this form represents almost 80% of the Earth's atmosphere.

The CO2 that is recomposed at the outlet after cooling can either be "clean", made food-grade and sealed or directly reduced (therefore reduced below 50 parts per million residual) thanks to our special engineering developed for biomethane and considered so innovative to be co-opted as technology suppliers by the Italian Biogas Consortium. In the same way we can easily break down any sulfur residue present in the syngas.

These are all technologies developed by Eng.Zucca improving and simplifying procedures that have been used for decades in the extraction and natural gas processing.

Lastly, our controlled cavitation system will allow to recover the residual abatement chemicals and to prepare any, negligible, residual particles to be placed for final inertization inside the plasma torch.

The emissions from internal combustion engines and turbines will also be conveyed to the cavitation system and, from here, to the plasma torch.

The plant will be built in depression, in such a way all the internal air, including the annoying odor molecules, will be directed to the gasifiers or plasma torches.

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