Our Products

Everything began looking for a valid solution capable of resolving the problem of industrial acids definitively: this way we have created a system capable of eliminating various pollutants, including asbestos, by breaking them down into the raw materials of origin.

Today, the industrial process we have conceived does not have elements of comparison in any part of the world and is among the so-called WIN WIN solutions.

Today, our unique engineering and technology proceeds on two distinct but very often interacting product's lines: the cavitation one and the BIOZIMMI universe.

All of our systems revolve around these and the new products that we continuously put on the market are specific applications deriving from them or accessories developed to enhance or customize what already exists.

How we manage a standard BIOZIMMI related project:


Pre feasibility study +/- 10 days


Feasibility study +/- 30 days


Basic design +/- 120 days


Construction +/- 75 days


Factory assembly +/- 75 days


Testing and ready to ship +/- 14 days


Commisioning +/- 30 days

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