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Are you ready for the new industrial revolution?

Purity interacts with people through different man-machine protocols, intelligent interfaces and multi-utility workstations. Each unit can be equipped with a water purifier and water dispenser, provides internet connectivity, produces and acts as a hydrogen distributor, 3D printer, solar cooler, ultraviolet sterilization chamber, drone landing platform, provides services to the disabilities, multiple webcams and facial and digital recognition systems, as well as the management of a Bike and Car Sharing platform. Whenever the end user approaches the machine, the machine recognizes it immediately and responds to its needs. Purity collects data and reacts to all types of human-machine interactions, as well as everything that happens in its vicinity. Thousands of units in connection with each other, create Energy net. This is the real intelligent energy network, it is the internet of things that everyone has been waiting for: information merges with water and energy.

MISSION: Our mission is to improve global living standards for the most needy people in the world. We do this by providing solutions to some of the fundamental and global human needs: access to drinking water and sanitation, free energy, connectivity and disability services. Our main product is not necessarily water or electricity, but people's happiness and well-being.

VISION: We create technological solutions powered and implemented with renewable energy. We are committed to respecting and protecting the environment. Each solution is conceived through an innovative design and an unconventional engineering approach. We are inspired by the paradigms of the third industrial revolution.

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