In nature there is no "waste", everything is recovered and put back into circulation in a virtuous cycle.

Therefore, any waste sent to landfill is not a solution but an impoverishment of the present generation and a subsequent problem to be managed for future generations.

Nothing is created and nothing is destroyed but everything is transformed: it is our precise duty to apply technological innovations for progress and for the protection of our planet with abundant but limited resources.

In recent years the concept of Circular Economy has emerged: an economic system capable of reusing materials in subsequent production cycles, minimizing waste, and capable of seizing every opportunity to limit the input material and energy input, placing maximum attention to social and territorial enhancement. Given its great potential, the circular economy is currently at the center of environmental policies not only in Europe.

In this context, the contribution of the production of electricity from solid biomass through gasification represents not only a fundamental tool for implementing the principles of the circular economy, but also an important element for environmental protection, as well as for the reduction of social costs and the economic development also of agricultural sectors and local communities.

This is how our products are born: improving the environment, solving previous problems and giving our children an increasingly beautiful and hospitable planet. 

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  • Gasifiers
    • Energy production

      The energy production generated in our plant is expressed with conservative values. As is obvious, each of our technologies has peculiar strengths: gasification maximizes energy yield while plasma torch maximizes inerting. Some matrices obviously perform better than others.

    • Our gasifiers

      The gasifiers take advantage of the molecular dissociation, called pyrolysis, used to directly convert the organic materials present in the waste into gas, by heating, in the presence of small quantities of oxygen. The processed materials are completely destroyed because their molecules are dissociated. This process allows, if compared with the direct burning, a number of significant advantages:...

    • Scraps and their use

      Once the gasification process has taken place, in addition to the synthesis gas, we obtain ash in an amount equal to 5-10% of the treated original matrix (approximately 20% from sludges).

    • Sludges pyrolysis test

      Report of the tests carried in November 2011 on the pilot gasifier at the CSM of Rome - IT in order to determine the self-sustenance of the drying process / pyrolysis and gasification of sludge. The wastewater sludge, residential or industrial whatever their origin, are generally considered as waste and are disposed of in landfill. The increased quantities produced as a result of the increasing number of...

    • The technology

      Our plant is completely innovative in its design while relying on proven, mature technologies and, individually, commercially used for decades in different parts of the world.

  • Products
    • Biodigestion

      The preparation of the substrate consists in obtaining the physical-chemical characteristics considered optimal for introduction into the biodigester.


      We are talking about an atypical industrial plant which, instead of polluting, will proceed to remove pollution and improve people’s lives.

    • Empowering Device

      Empowering Device has been fully conceived, developed and implemented by our team and is able to simultaneously manage different types of controlled cavitation, of which 5 of a different nature but which coexist harmoniously to the point that no significant vibrations are detected.

    • Mining

      The current evolution of mining passes thorough the abandonment of methods that are dangerous for man and the environment, such as the use of mercury and cyanides, to get to Borax, a modern and harmless method, which also allows a better yield in recovered gold.

    • Plasma

      For Plasma refers to a conductive gas, highly ionized. The torch or the non-transferred arc electrodes are capable of producing plasma at very high temperatures (the highest achieved in controlled industrial processes) and such as to cause thermochemical dissociation of what is being treated.

    • Soil washing

      Most of our specialists and technicians come from the Oil & Gas sector and, therefore, has been taught to everyone of them, since the early beginning, that any spillage in the soil must be avoided. This is not only for obvious environmental problems but also to avoid costly and annoying protests by environmental movements.

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