Known application and advantages

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Through special geometries of the hydraulic circuit, it is possible to significantly increase the production of heat, up to exceeding any autonomous heating system in energy efficiency.

Among the main applications tested at the laboratory or industrial scale in recent years are:

  • Heating, in all its variants (environments, agriculture, industrial processes);
  • Food liquids treatment: pasteurization of milk, treatment of food juices, cooking of beer malt, homogenisation and stabilization of wine, cooking of must, elimination of pathogenic bacteria, elimination of spores, all this at significantly lower temperatures than those usually used, therefore preserving to a much greater extent the nutritional properties and organoleptic qualities;
  • Treatment of zootechnical wastewater, (reduction of nitrates);
  • Purification of contaminating water / sludge, harmful / toxic to human health and the environment.

Numerous scientific works demonstrate how the treatment of sewage with Cavitation can degrade toxic waste substances from the pharmaceutical chemical sector (carbamazepine, ibuprofen, naproxen, ketoprofen, etc.), insecticide chemist (neonicotinoids, DNP, imidacloprid, parathion, DDVP), petrochemical (benzene and its derivatives), chemical-dye (rhodamine B, RR120, AR88, yellow145).

Finally, among the known advantages there are:

  • High energy efficiency
  • Use of non-stationary cavitation reactors, which allow the circulation and treatment of liquid in industrial volumes;
  • Great construction simplicity;
  • Low plant costs;
  • Very low maintenance required (replacement of the pump / pumps every 10-15 years plus annual checkup);
  • Robustness, reliability and scalability (possibility of easily increasing the heat output);
  • No practical upper limits for temperature (unlike e.g. heat pumps);
  • Constant efficiency, that is independent of both the liquid temperature and the ambient or external temperature;
  • Possibility of coupling to autonomous electricity generation systems (photovoltaic, etc.);
  • Absence of emissions into the atmosphere
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  • Empowering Device
    • Cavitation

      Water has the ability to convey many substances thanks to its particular chemical and physical properties: very high solvent power, high chemical reactivity and considerable specific heat. Moreover, its molecular capacity, two hydrogen atoms bound to an oxygen atom, allows it to behave like a crystal: not only in the solid state (ice) but also in the liquid state.

    • Cavitation effects

      If in the liquid the absolute pressure becomes equal to or lower than the vapor pressure of the liquid at a certain temperature, in a few microseconds, microscopic vapor bubbles are formed. This is because liquids normally carry air dissolved in them and when there is a drop-in pressure down to the vapor pressure value, the air dissolved in the liquid is released and, therefore, the vaporization of the...

    • Field of application

      The enormous forces brought into play during the cavitation phenomenon allow extremely effective mixing and far better than that obtained with conventional technologies since the reduction in microscopic parts of what is present inside the fluid subjected to cavitation increases the area of surface contact. Furthermore, the forces released by the cavitation process are far superior to those...

    • How to place the ED

      Our process accelerator, the Empowering Device, can be placed, according to the process needs, at the entrance, in recirculation or at the exit of a tank.

    • Known application and advantages

      Through special geometries of the hydraulic circuit, it is possible to significantly increase the production of heat, up to exceeding any autonomous heating system in energy efficiency.

  • Products
    • Biodigestion

      The preparation of the substrate consists in obtaining the physical-chemical characteristics considered optimal for introduction into the biodigester.


      We are talking about an atypical industrial plant which, instead of polluting, will proceed to remove pollution and improve people’s lives.

    • Gasification

      In nature there is no "waste", everything is recovered and put back into circulation in a virtuous cycle.

    • Mining

      The current evolution of mining passes thorough the abandonment of methods that are dangerous for man and the environment, such as the use of mercury and cyanides, to get to Borax, a modern and harmless method, which also allows a better yield in recovered gold.

    • Plasma

      For Plasma refers to a conductive gas, highly ionized. The torch or the non-transferred arc electrodes are capable of producing plasma at very high temperatures (the highest achieved in controlled industrial processes) and such as to cause thermochemical dissociation of what is being treated.

    • Soil washing

      Most of our specialists and technicians come from the Oil & Gas sector and, therefore, has been taught to everyone of them, since the early beginning, that any spillage in the soil must be avoided. This is not only for obvious environmental problems but also to avoid costly and annoying protests by environmental movements.

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