Plant size

The process we designed is completely modular.

Based on the needs found at the customer site, we can choose to combine the gasification technology with the plasma one and also take advantage of the less performing biodigestion always treating the gases with technologies derived from the oil & gas field and taking advantage, wherever possible, of the controlled cavitation's power; energy production can be obtained from time to time with endothermic engines, gas or steam turbines and, sometimes, with thermo-dynamic systems.

The abduction systems are modulated by the extractive industry while the management of safety devices is also the result of experience gained in the oil & gas sector.

By way of example, each gasifier will be able to treat around 4.5 tons of matrices (up to 3 different matrices per 1.5 tons per hour) while each torch will be able to treat up to 3 tons per hour.

There is no limit in the number of systems that can be placed in parallel: the heart of the system (gasification, plasma and biodigestion) will be sized and any required ancillary systems will be provided both at the input and output.

Obviously, as in any other industrial plant, the larger the installation, the more economies of scale can be developed.

The larger the implant, the more the abduction systems, especially their starting energy consumption, can be spread and absorbed.

The larger the energy efficiency, the greater the kWh fed into the grid.

Therefore, the maximum dimensions are dictated by the capacity of the national grid in the country where the client decides to position the plant or, if it points to other productions other than electricity, the quantities of matrices that can be supplied.

We think to an annual operating cycle of around 330 days. Every value we provide is to be considered conservative as are the values ​​provided by our supplier partners.

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    • Abduction systems

      The collection trucks that will enter the sorting area, in depression, through a double-door decompression gate that prevents the escape of any emissions and odor molecula. Inside the depression area, the materials, before becoming the matrices to be used, they will undergo some mechanical pretreatment processes. We will start with a dimensional reduction (shredding) which allows to reduce the...

    • Achievable productions

      BIOZIMMI is a completely modular system and, therefore, according to the customer’s needs, it can be configured and equipped to cope with different productions: everything will depend on the modules chosen during the Feasibility Study and / or the Basic Design.

    • Brief description

      BIOZIMMI combines the gasifiers’ cost-effectiveness with the disposal total efficiency of a plasma torch.

    • Generable Energy

      The energy production generated in our plant is expressed with conservative values. As is obvious, each of our technologies has peculiar strengths: gasification maximizes energy yield while plasma torch maximizes inerting.

    • Mature core technologies

      Our plant is completely innovative in its design while relying on proven, mature technologies and, individually, commercially used for decades in different parts of the world.

    • Miscellanea

      Following other determining aspects of BIOZIMMI.

    • Not an incinerator!

      Our technology is completely different from the one on which are based any incinerators.

    • Plant size

      The process we designed is completely modular.

    • Scraps and their use

      We are talking about an atypical industrial plant which, instead of polluting, will proceed to remove pollution and improve people’s lives.

    • Zero emissions target

      Many manufacturers claim that they will not have emissions from their plants, few really are able to keep the point. With our technology that combines plasma torches, gasifiers, cavitators and advanced gas management systems, every molecule that escapes from the process represents a loss of profit. Applying the transitive property, therefore, a damage to the planet is equivalent to an economic...

  • Products
    • Biodigestion

      The preparation of the substrate consists in obtaining the physical-chemical characteristics considered optimal for introduction into the biodigester.

    • Empowering Device

      Empowering Device has been fully conceived, developed and implemented by our team and is able to simultaneously manage different types of controlled cavitation, of which 5 of a different nature but which coexist harmoniously to the point that no significant vibrations are detected.

    • Gasification

      In nature there is no "waste", everything is recovered and put back into circulation in a virtuous cycle.

    • Mining

      The current evolution of mining passes thorough the abandonment of methods that are dangerous for man and the environment, such as the use of mercury and cyanides, to get to Borax, a modern and harmless method, which also allows a better yield in recovered gold.

    • Plasma

      For Plasma refers to a conductive gas, highly ionized. The torch or the non-transferred arc electrodes are capable of producing plasma at very high temperatures (the highest achieved in controlled industrial processes) and such as to cause thermochemical dissociation of what is being treated.

    • Soil washing

      Most of our specialists and technicians come from the Oil & Gas sector and, therefore, has been taught to everyone of them, since the early beginning, that any spillage in the soil must be avoided. This is not only for obvious environmental problems but also to avoid costly and annoying protests by environmental movements.

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