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BIOZIMMI is a completely modular system and, therefore, according to the customer’s needs, it can be configured and equipped to cope with different productions: everything will depend on the modules chosen during the Feasibility Study and / or the Basic Design.

Inside BIOZIMMI are integrated technologies capable of treating matrices at high temperatures with others that treat them at low temperatures. With high temperatures, any type of matrix can be treated, extracting the syngas which will then be transformed into chemicals and / or energy. With low temperatures, only organic matrices can be treated by breaking them down into natural gas and high quality compost.

Each BIOZIMMI module is designed and built to obtain maximum performance from matrices with a very high level of specialization in order to maximize yields.

To obtain high temperatures, gasification or plasma will be used, while for low temperatures the technology adopted will be biodigestion.

high temperatures

from: gasification & plasma

you could obtain: syngas, ash and lava

from which: methanol, electricity, thermal energy, chemicals, fuels

low temperatures

from: biodigestion

you could obtain: natural gas, quality compost

from which: methanol, biomethane, electricity, chemicals, fuels

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