Who we are

We were officially established in August 2018 and, thanks to the personal knowledge, the reputation and charisma of the founding members, we immediately became an aggregating hub for many professionals, research institute and production companies. All this began in Italy and is now spreading to other European countries.

In addition to the real innovations, we are specialized in engineering and then applying improvements of technologies, mature in their field, to other areas often obtaining, this way, several real technological leaps simply because we had the courage to do what was before under everyone’s eyes but no one dared to put it into practice.

Often our projects precede the times of several years. Just thinking to the plasma project commissioned by the Lombardy Region in 2008 aimed at transforming all plastic waste in the region into aviation fuel to refuel Malpensa airport in Milan.

We develop technology both independently and in collaboration with several universities (Polytechnic of Milan, Pisa, Sassari, Bari, etc.) or with other public institutions (for example the italian National Research Center - CNR).

In just a year and a half, we boast an extremely vast proprietary and unique product portfolio with several prototypes made and an industrialized line for a completely innovative product being marketed but already renamed “the miracle machine” by some of our valuable user.

Some of our products have been defined extremely innovative and promising at international events by panels composed of scientists from all over the world. Last in chronological order, only a few days ago our Purity system obtained a special recognition at the European Fuel Cell Technology & Applications Conference.

Our patents and innovations have made us immediately designate as members of technology suppliers within the Italian Biogas Consortium.

We have a framework agreement with RINA Consulting - Centro Sviluppo Materiali S.p.A. which allows us to request their supervision and therefore also to certify the production and engineering phase of our products wherever we choose to produce them. Therefore, choosing us also gives access to all the wealth of experience and technology gained in over 70 years by Centro Sviluppo Materiali which, I remember to everyone, was since its establishing the research and development department of IRI (Institute for Italian Industrial Reconstruction, among the top 10 companies in the world by turnover up to 1992).

Numerous specialized and excellent industrial plants located throughout practically the whole Italy have offered us all the production slots that we need today and that we may need even in the event of a market “explosion”.

We are already looking around to start our first full owned production plant, mono product, to be dedicated to the production of our process accelerator based on controlled cavitation.

The headquarters located in Switzerland is functional to ensure maximum stability for our work. We have many research and operating subsidiaries in Italy.

These results were obtained before we opened our website reachable through an unobtainable 2 letters second-level domain.

Bruno Vaccari

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Dear friends, from Monday December 7, 2020 our new registered address is the following:

Alpenstrasse 16, 6300 Zug — Switzerland

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